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Holiday Family Dinner

Holiday Family Dinner

Your gift provides a traditional holiday dinner for a family of 4 to 6. Thank you for your generosity and ensuring difficult times don't overshadow this special time of year. 


Note: If you have specific gift-in-kind items you'd like to donate, please fill out the form on our "Support the Cause" page. 


Disclaimer: All donations received are given as an unconditional and nonreciprocal transfer of cash or other asset and are made without the expectation of receiving anything in return. 

  • Donor Promise Disclaimer

    Thank you for supporting the work of Millennia Ministries and providing donations for specific needs within our community. Please note, that funds will be used for the specific items you are looking to provide, when needed or possible. In some cases we may have an abundance in one area and a great need in another. We reserve the right to make this judgement call and use funds to ensure our clients get their immediate and urgent needs met. Thank you for understanding. If you'd prefer to exclusively give a specific resource, then we encourage you to precure and donate gifts-in-kind. 

Opciones de precios
Compra única
Monthly Gift
Ongoing, monthly gift for family special occasion dinners.
75,00$cada mes hasta que se cancele
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