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Leilani Miller 
Executive Director
Since 2004
Meeting Needs
Transforming Lives
Millennia's "Worship House" Story
Millennia Ministries was formally established in June 2004 with the opening of Rachel House in Lake Stevens by Lara Blanchard and her husband Geoff. They had a dream in their hearts to help the hurting and lost. 

In the meantime, in 2006 Leilani Miller and her husband David established "Worship House" with the same type of passion and dream to see hurting and lost women and their children whose lives had been broken by addiction, domestic violence, abandonment or rejection be restored, and lives reconciled to God. 

We called our home "The Worship House" because it is through a worshipful life with Christ that the women become healthy. We have witnessed over the years that our women become successful stories. The ultimate story is that they have become leaders in their community, giving back where they once needed to be given to.

In  2008 after ministering collectively to over 200 women and their children, Lara and Leilani decided to combine the two ministries into one, under Millennia Ministries. They established its headquarters in Snohomish, Washington.  Leilani Miller was appointed its Executive Director. 

Since then, Lara & her husband moved on from Millennia, but it remains as it always has been, that it is our desire to continue to provide a safe, quiet refuge for healing and restoration, and assist these women to begin to build the confidence they need to overcome and rise above their past. They become women with a vision for a future of propserity and hope for themselves, and their children. 

And, Millennia has become an organization run by volunteers who have a passion to fulfill needs God has aspired them to fill. We call them "Team Leaders," whom we mentor with the experience we have been blessed with. Please see Community Outreach to get an idea of the many more ministries besides housing that has expanded Millennia's ability to, "Meet needs and transform lives."

With Leilani's experience alone, we have been the first step housing for over 400 women in the past 15 years. We have been on the front lines for these and future women, who have found themselves and their children, homeless or in crisis need. 

Case Managers of transitional housing in Snohomish County, have said that the women from Millennia's Worship Houses are always ready for their next step in transitional housing. We have made their job not only easier, but have also given them women who are able, to be a Case Manager's success story.

Presently, we are looking for the next house that will provide a stepping stone for women, who then will be ready to step into more independent living. 

It is a new day. Yet, where ever we are, we are Millennia."
To provide the poor wanderer with shelter.

—Isaiah 58:11 (NIV)
Millennia Ministries is a registered 501.C3 NonProfit Organization, Tax ID #20-2276486
P.O. Box 14352
Mill Creek, Washington 98082
Office Phone: 425-259-3555
Thank you so much for the opportunity to promote what faith and sobriety has done for me.  
And thank you for allowing me into your lives and allowing me the emergency bed. God knows I was an emergency.

Amy  —
Thank you for holding onto me so tight and teaching me what grace means.

I would like to thank Millennia Ministries for coming into my life in 2017. I became homeless with my two year old son and was pregnant at the time. I reached out to Leilani Miller who got me into hotels and brought me into her own home.

I then got connected with Erika who became my housing navigator, and sister in Christ. She helped me get through all my up and down emotions, and always lifted my head high when it was down with her kind loving words.

With her hard work and mine in May 2018, I got placed into Maude's house and had my daughter. I have stable housing!

So thank you Millennia Ministries for helping me get to where I am today,  ---Sincerely, Jamacia
Testimonies of our Women
Since 2004
Worship House - Clearview
Worship House - Thrasher's Corner
Our Mission
We adhere to the principles of Isaiah 58:6-7, by promoting and engaging in activities that break the chains of injustice, free the oppressed, share our food with the hungry, give homes to the homeless, supply clothing and food to those without any, get rid of unfair practices, quit blaming victims, stop gossiping and give ourselves to the down and out. We do not discriminate against gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religious or political beliefs.
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(425) 259-3555
Meeting Needs
Transforming Lives
Leilani Miller 
Executive Director
Our past housing experience until 2013 when we were birthed as a housing resource: