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Leilani Miller 
Executive Director
Since 2004
Meeting Needs
Transforming Lives
Leilani Miller, Executive Director of Millennia Ministries, has over 15 years of experience teaching and mentoring over 400 women and their children in crisis in how to transition out of their crisis into life with Christ. She has successfully prepared and connected these women and their children from the streets to transitional housing. 

Leilani is an excellent inspiring speaker along with being our founder. She has gained valuable wisdom in working with women and their children going through many different crisis: sex trafficked, homeless, drug/alcohol addictions. Her reputation in the work of transitional housing is as one caseworker said, "The women who come from Millennia are always successfully prepared to enter into our transitional housing."

About Us
Millennia Ministries is a registered 501.C3 NonProfit Organization, Tax ID #20-2276486
P.O. Box 14352
Mill Creek, Washington 98082
Office Phone: 425-259-3555
Dave & Jeanna Clausen, our path to Millennia Ministries was by God's grace during a very dark, agonizing time for our family as our daughter struggled with chemical addiction. We were powerless to help her, so instead, we focused on our own recovery by volunteering to help someone else's precious daughter to rebuild her life. 

Placing our child in God's powerful hands, He brought the people into her life who helped empower her to find recovery. She will celebrate 3 years of sobriety Jan, 6, 2015. We are profoundly grateful to God and to all who have selflessly given of their time and love when our family needed it most. And to Millennia Ministries for allowing us to return those blessings.
Board Members

Peggy Murakami, became a Millennia Board Member right when a new phase of Millennia was starting. We called this new phase, "the new baby." Our New Baby first started with the birthing of three real babies of women in crisis, housed the summer of 2013 in Millennia's Worship House. With this New Baby, Millennia has been, and will be able to help "groups of people" to do so much more to help women and families in crisis. 

Peggy started out as Leilani's Executive Life Coach before they began working together creating Leilani's authored books under Life With Christ Media. Since then, they have worked on many writing and design projects that have helped others to get involved with women & their children in crisis.
Board Member
Contact Us
J. Thomas Link, became a Millennia Board Member in 2010 because of his heart for the hurting and the lost. He desires children to be in stable environments which is exactly what Millennia has been doing since 2004, and Tom personally has, since he and his wife Fran of 43 years, adopted four children over 30 years ago.

He's been St.Vincent de Paul Society's Parish Conference President, District Council President and currently the President of Seattle Archdiocesan Council.

He and his wife attend St. John's Mission Catholic Church and Tom volunteers as their Men's Club Volunteer Committee Chair.
Board Member
Meeting Needs
Transforming Lives
Since 2004
Current Ministry Needs

1. Support financially, this new season of Thanksgiving with a full turkey dinner for those in need.

2. Financial donations for the work of all of our over 18 teams.

3. Volunteers to respond to the needs of their community with passion and willingness to come under the wisdom of Millennia Ministries.
Leilani with her supportive husband, Dave Miller.
Executive Director
Our 2017 Accomplishments

We ministered in housing, food, clothing, resources, mentoring, and media/books through our community outreaches:

  • Assisting Homeless Families we provided 6 families in stabilizing their housing and providing emergency housing, along with gas & other miscellaneous resources
  • Millennia Mobile Manna provided 160 meals per month for seniors, disabled, and women in transition or 1,920 meals
  • Friday Nite Bites in downtown Everett provided 562.50 monthly or annual 6,750 sit-down hot meals. 270 monthly or annual 3,240 sack lunches to the homeless totalling 9,990 meals 
  • Moore Clothed in Dignity provided clothing, blankets, shoes, and personal toiletries to 4,320 people served
  • Bless the Block provided a 100 bags of groceries containing 4 meals per bag to low income families to alleviate food insufficiency bi-monthly or 2,400 meals
  • Millennia Food Pantry in downtown Everett provided 160 meals for 6 months & as needed to individuals & families or 960 meals
  • Thanksgiving Baskets of Blessings provided 400 full Thanksgiving family meals to our communities in Snohomish County or 1,600 meals
  • Making Memories with Mommy & Cookies for Seniors provided 227 opportunities for cookie making with moms and their kids who were coming out of homelessness and treats for the elderly & disabled or 960 meals
  • Christmas Outreach provided at least 270 Christmas gifts with additional sleeping bags, hats n gloves, gift cards, toys, blankets etc. for those in need
  • Host Family Homes Bed Nights provided 3 families with 343 nights
  • Hotel Voucher bed nights provided 8 people with 41 nights
  • Interstate Bus tickets 
  • Gas Vouchers 

In all these ways, we have provided 17,097 meals.
Our Mission
We adhere to the principles of Isaiah 58:6-7, by promoting and engaging in activities that break the chains of injustice, free the oppressed, share our food with the hungry, give homes to the homeless, supply clothing and food to those without any, get rid of unfair practices, quit blaming victims, stop gossiping and give ourselves to the down and out. We do not discriminate against gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and religious or political beliefs.
Board Member
Leonard Jackson, Is one of our original Board Member and used his IT knowledge and management leadership to bring and keep Millennia financials online. His more than 40 years management experience in healthcare, mental health, social services and adult correction, has helped Millennia integrate and navigate non-profit agenda with corporate culture and demands.

He loves his wife of 33 years and 4 children. When he's not at Millennia he is with them and his jazz guitar. 

Joey Coverdale is our more recent Board Member. She currently works in a community recovery setting and benefits our ministry and our clients with her extensive knowledge of chemical dependency issues. Many of our clients originated from Joey's referral.

She also loves her dog as well as the work we do in housing. She has a story with a cast on her arm, of her warrior effort to protect her dog.
Board Member
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Since 2004